"You are running as being fiscally responsible. Please explain."

 I’m looking forward to making Pflugerville the best it can be as a place to live, work and play. The backbone of great cities has a vibrant and diverse economic foundation, strong infrastructure, and dependable safety and security.

Encouraging smart and responsible economic growth will inject Pflugerville with the needed sales tax growth that reduces the pressure on property taxes. Tax dollars collected, regardless of its source, should then be prioritized on things like roads, police and development services that strengthen the city’s backbone.

I want to manage city funds with as much care as I do my own household. I want to know where money is going and why. Does it add sufficient value to the city and best represent the citizens’ needs? Bottom line, we need to set our primary focus on fiscal responsibility.

“What do you do for a living? Are you a developer?”

As I work to get to know as many Pflugerville citizens as possible and what is important to them, I’ve started to spend an increasing percentage of time everyday responding to emails, Facebook posts and personal inquiries.  

I’ve noticed a bit of confusion on what I do for a living and wanted to make sure to clear up any misunderstanding or lack of knowledge. 

I am an entrepreneur and small business owner that is currently employing over 30 people in the Austin area.  In 2004, I was frustrated with my corporate job because of how much I was required to travel.   My wife and I decided that I needed to make a career change, so after many nights of reflection and discussion, I started my own home-building company - Brad Marshall Homes.  Starting my own business was hard!  I had to take lots of chances, went into calculated debt and spent lots of sleepless nights because I employ real people that depend on me to make the right decisions and to lead the company in the right direction.  BMH as a custom home company has built over 100 homes throughout Central Texas.  I am proud of these homes partly because of the design and construction quality but mostly because I know families are happy and proud to live in something I built. 

I am not a developer. A developer buys a large tract of land, installs infrastructure (water, streets, etc.) and divides the land into small parcels that homes can be built on.  My clients buy a single parcel of land and then I help design and build their dream house.   

I am proud of my entrepreneurial spirit because at the heart and soul of America are the freedoms that come with entrepreneurial opportunities. These opportunities also include the freedom to back away from some of the "day to day" operations of my company to concentrate on the City of Pflugerville with the same focus that has allowed my business to grow from just over 3 million in revenue in 2016 to over 15 million this year. 

I know how to lead.  I have proven it in my business and I have proven it while I was a City Councilman from 2012 to 2016.  

I am ready to lead our council. 

I am ready to lead our city.

I am ready to be your mayor.